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Intimacy is a Choice

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“Intimacy is not given – it’s a way of being alive. At every moment, we are choosing either to reveal ourselves or to protect ourselves, to value or diminish ourselves, to tell the truth or to hide, to dive into life or to avoid it. Intimacy is making a choice to be connected to, rather than isolated from, our deepest truths at that moment.”
-Author Unknown

Counting Clouds – Raindance

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Look Within

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My thoughts, reminders and advice to myself, that will (perhaps) speak to you, also:

Look within for who you truly are. Within is the ONLY place the answer is found. It cannot be elsewhere.

“I am as God created me.” It is not possible to be anything else.

“I am responsible for the world I see.” Look within when upset or disturbed for any reason. Within is where to find how I created the world I see and how to heal it.

(Quotes are from A Course in Miracles.)

A Reflection

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I no longer try to change outer things. They are simply a reflection. I change my inner perception and the outer reveals the beauty so long obscured by my own attitude. I concentrate on my inner vision and find my outer view transformed. I find myself attuned to the grandeur of life and in unison with the perfect order of the universe.

-Daily Word


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“Joy is not the absence of trouble,
but the presence of God.”

The Gift Of The Self

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The Gift Of The Self

There are no more maps, no more creeds, no more philosophies. From here on in, the directions come straight from the Universe. The Curriculum is being revealed millisecond by millisecond – invisibly, intuitively, spontaneously, lovingly. As one of Thomas Merton’s monks has it, “Go into your cell and your cell will teach you everything there is to know.” Your cell, Yourself.

-by Akshara Noor