New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries
Thursday, March 22, 7:38 am PDT, 10:38 am EDT

The Aries New Moon is a rocket launcher, a blast-off moment and a fresh start for the new astrological year. This pioneering sign propels us into unknown territory, bravely (or blindly) jumping into the future. Innovative Uranus and brainy Mercury join this lunation to spark unconventional perceptions and fire up original ideas. We may get a little ahead of ourselves and impatiently force issues that aren’t quite ready for prime time. Concepts flying by at the speed of light must be slowed down to give them a chance to be examined.

The Aries New Moon is the beginning of both the Moon’s monthly cycle and the Sun’s annual cycle. The passion of this fire sign spurs us to blaze new trails and experiment with original projects and unfamiliar forms of behavior. Starting things now might be easy, sticking to them could be more difficult. The urge for personal freedom inspires independent action that can be bold and exciting, yet impulsive acts may rub some people the wrong way. Considering the feelings of others is essential to maintaining harmony when exploring new territory.

-Jeff Jawer

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