Anger as a Constructive Tool

This morning, I actually allowed myself the luxury of  loudly and dynamically expressing my anger to an “empty” room! It felt GREAT and there was a shift in my body, a releasing of blocked, stagnant, stuck energy. Insights and realizations followed as I acknowledged that I don’t allow myself the space to even breathe (metaphorically speaking). I’m always telling myself how to act, how to feel, how to be – while judging, criticizing and condemning myself at every turn… instead of just Being.

I acknowledged that I have no clue who I am in this world… only who I have been and who I have told myself to be and who I think other people need me to be… WOW! And this raises the question that begs to be answered, “What part of me is it that controls me so!? What part of me is it that keeps me so blind… and stuck… and lonely?

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