Trust Opens the Door to Love

Trust Opens the Door to Love by Donna Rose Stewart

I always thought the development of trust had to do with trust in God. But for me it wasn’t about that, as I always had within me a deep Knowing/Union with God and a faith that could move mountains. That is until, somewhere along the way, the trust I lost was in myself…

I’ve spent many long years trying to understand the meaning and validity of the statement, “God always enters into equal partnerships.” And finally, I began to understand it when I realized that I didn’t TRUST MYSELF! I didn’t trust myself in basically any area of my life as I constantly second guessed everything I thought, felt, said and did… But mostly I didn’t trust myself to use the Gifts bestowed upon me by Source (God/ALL THAT IS). I didn’t trust that I could handle what all that meant or the challenges it brought my way.

I came to understand that if we don’t trust ourselves, God can’t work/flow through us no matter how much we trust Him. God doesn’t want us giving our power (which he gave us as a gift) over to some vague idea of destiny, fate, or what we think we’re supposed to do or be. God intended us to think for ourselves and make our own decisions, which is why He gave us free will.

I realized that I had been trying to have a co-dependent relationship with God… instead of standing up, owning who I am and having the co-creative relationship He created me to have with Him. I kept collapsing myself into that union, not trusting myself to make a single decision “on my own” – without being told what to do or getting permission or approval first.

Then I understood that this is what it means “to leave home.” It means trusting myself (and God) enough to know that I have the spiritual basis, development and tools needed to “go out into the world” and make wise decisions and take appropriate actions! It means taking responsibility for myself in a co-creative relationship with God, rather than expecting God to make all my decisions for me. It means “growing up” into the mature Being God intends me to Be.

Trust opens the door to Love, I discovered. When I acknowledged and accepted that I could, indeed, TRUST MYSELF, there stood the LOVE (which was there all along) that I’d worked so failingly hard to have for myself!

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