This Week’s Astrological Events

Pluto Retrograde
Tuesday, April 10

Pluto’s reversal is a very subtle shift because this planet already lives in the underworld. Yet for the next four months we may be diving more deeply into the shadows of fear and desire. Exploring the depths of the psyche can lead to treasure troves of energy that are hidden in the secrets that we keep from ourselves. Being kind and gentle with ourselves is essential when we are brave enough to face the truth.

Mars Direct

Friday, April 13

Mars is made to move forward but has been stuck in reverse since late January. Finally, the planet of initiation rights itself and slowly, like a train leaving the station, starts driving ahead with the motivation and means to advance our interests. Increased physical activity works well when it’s combined with good training and a healthy diet. Direct Mars in competent Virgo is a perfect time to develop our skills and establish constructive habits.

-Jeff Jawer

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