New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini
Sunday, May 20, 4:47 pm PDT, 7:47 pm EDT

The New Moon in clever Gemini sets off a million and one ideas and opens lines of communication with all kinds of people. However, this lunation is a Solar Eclipse that reminds us to turn inward, tap into our emotions and reconnect with the past. There’s unfinished personal business that needs completion before new projects can be pushed ahead with full confidence. Dreamy Neptune’s squishy square to this Sun-Moon conjunction softens Gemini’s intellectual acuity, triggering misstatements and allowing imagination to transcend the limits of logic. Feelings count more than facts now, which is uncharacteristic of this cerebral sign. Yet emotion and gut instinct bring sensitivity and awareness that inspire faith which cannot be found in mere words alone.

False starts are possible as the jittery Gemini New Moon eclipses the Sun. This is a good time to be a window shopper who patiently examines a wide variety of items without committing to buy any of them. The real cleverness of this lunation is to catch egos in the act of self-inflation so that we can counter misplaced pride with humor and detachment. Stepping back to take a second look will ultimately be more productive than impetuously pushing ahead with plans and projects that aren’t ready for prime time.

-Jeff Jawer

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