My name Donna Rose Stewart means Lady Love Steward or Woman in Service of Love-God-Source-ALL THAT IS.

Fear of being not enough and of having no purpose or value ran my life… A heavy burden lifted when I finally understood and accepted that this fear indeed had a basis in reality, as my (ego) identity, my persona, really is NOT enough – never has been, never will be and never COULD be – and that it serves no purpose of true worth or value! What I was seeking to be all along was impossible for this earthly body with which I identified.

To “BE Enough,” all I needed was to remember and identify with my True Identity, not my false ego one. My True Self, One with Source, Love… IS, Has ALWAYS been and always WILL be ENOUGH.

I AM LOVE. I AM Donna Rose, Lady Love, Woman of God… and I seek to always remember and never forget that this is so.

Donna Rose Stewart

Donna Rose Stewart

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