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Joy Arises Spontaneously

Oct 31st, 2011 Posted in Enneagram, Quotes | Comments Off

“Joy is a natural experience that arises spontaneously when we experience ourselves as Being—when we are free of the endless chatter, planning, and projects of our ego minds.”

-from “The Wisdom of the Enneagram”
by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

Release and Let Go

Oct 26th, 2011 Posted in Enneagram | Comments Off

Seems Very Appropriate for a New Moon…

Today, let go of one of your self-defeating attitudes by saying to yourself:

(Type One) I now release driving myself and others to be perfect.

(Type Two) I now release the fear that I am unwanted and unloved.

(Type Three) I now release comparing myself with others.

(Type Four) I now release feeling that I am inadequate and defective.

(Type Five) I now release believing that no one can be depended on.

(Type Six) I now release being evasive and defensive with those who need me.

(Type Seven) I now release believing that external things will make me happy.

(Type Eight) I now release all anger, rage, and violence in my life.

(Type Nine) I now release living through others and not developing myself.

-from Enneagram Transformations by Don Richard Riso